Portfolio Statistics, All in one place.
The only tracker and swap you'll need in DeFi, to track all of your stats in one convenient place. Swap hassle-free. No switching wallets. No disconnecting. No reconnecting. Whilst staking your coins for passive income.
Portfolio trackers have become a staple in the fast-growing world of crypto and DeFi.
Still, we face the same daily struggles of having multiple wallets, tracking what you hold, forgetting which wallet holds what and having to reconnect your wallet tirelessly to buy/sell or track your tokens. STATS, aims to solve all of this
Our portfolio tracker will ensure that you can consistently keep up to date with all of your holdings, from multiple wallets, in one place. Within our Dapp, will also come a swap which will have huge benefits for users willing to stake our token. Track, swap, stake here at STATS.
With our swap we allow users to buy and sell any token.
We envision huge growth for our swap as we aim to provide users staking to receive 0.5% fee revenue that our swap generates. As our volume grows and more users swap with us, so will staking rewards
STATS Tracker
All wallets, one hub, your portfolio.

Fast, simple and rewarding our users.

STATS Staking
Revenue fee from our swap goes to our users that stake their token.

Inspired by Greatness
Credit for our project lies in the hands of Eric Cryptoman.
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