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Portfolio Statistics, All in one place.

The only tracker and swap you'll need in DeFi, to track all of your stats in one convenient place. Swap hassle-free. No switching wallets. No disconnecting. No reconnecting. Whilst staking your coins for passive income.

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Portfolio trackers have become a staple in the fast-growing world of crypto and DeFi.

Our platform tracks all of your wallets, no matter how many you have, and displays your PnL on your assets in real-time. Track all of your NFTs, build your collection and monitor through us. With STATS DApp, you can easily track the performance of your investments and outperform the market.

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Revenue Payouts

STATS platform is built for the community and user in mind, with this comes the ability to provide revenue payouts for holders. This will be achieved through a % from the tax on our contract and all the revenue that the platform makes. (Trading fees, advertisements etc). STATS calculates your earnings based on the number of tokens you hold in which you’ll have to stake your tokens to earn the rewards.

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STATS Tracker

All wallets, one hub, your portfolio.


Fast, simple and rewarding our users.

STATS Staking

Stake $STATS to earn revenue fees.

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Elevate your DeFi journey with STATS! Revolutionize portfolio tracking, NFT management, and enjoy exclusive revenue payouts. Unleash the full potential of your crypto investments!